Seismology Lab Directory


Name                      Phone

Mark Abinante             206-1289          Graduate Student

Shirley Baher             825-3021          Graduate Student
3-Dimensional Shear Wave Splitting Focusing on the Tibetan Region.

Paul Earle                (310) 206-2800    Post Doc.

Paul Davis                206-6459          Professor of Geophysics

John Gardner              825-3179          Systems Manager

Bob Ge                    825-9084          Graduate Student

Heidi Houston             206-3938          Professor of Geophysics

Dave Jackson              825-0421          Professor of Geophysics

Per Jogi                  825-3179

Yan Kagan                 206-2503/825-3123 Professional Researcher

Bryan Kerr                825-3123          Undergraduate/Lab Assistant

Leon Knopoff              825-1885          Professor of Geophysics

Monica Kohler             206-1289          Post-Doc

Frank Leader              825-2434

Matt Lee                  825-3179

Hong Liu                  825-3123          Graduate Student

Bob Mehlman               825-2434

Xiao-Xi Ni                825-3021          Graduate Student

Steve Persh               825-3021          Graduate Student
Dynamic earthquake models of brittle crust and viscous lithosphere.

David Potter              206-4070          Graduate Student

Andrew Rigor              825-3123          Graduate/Lab Assistant

Steven Salyards           825-3043          Staff/Post-Doc

Fred Schwab               825-3123          Professional Researcher

Zheng-kang Shen           825-9084
Seismic hazard related crustal deformation monitoring and analysis.

William Smythe            825-2434

Joyce Somers              825-3123

Didier Sornette           825-2863          Professor of Geophysics
Models of self-organization, Physics of earthquakes, Rupture...

Li-yu Sung                825-9084

John Vidale               206-3935          Professor of Geophysics

Jorgen Vitting-Anderson   825-3179

Tracey Wu                 206-4070

Shunxing Xie              206-8439          Graduate Student
Seismology and mantle convection.

Fei Xu                    825-3179          Graduate Student